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garden hose nozzle part name

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garden hose nozzle part name
 Many customer ask me that which part is grip,which part is handle,which part is trigger and more,they can not identify part,so it is hard for them to understand the manual.

Now we'd like to intorduce each part of garden hose nozzle,it can help you to understand the manual more clearly.

Please check above picture to know each part name.

Grip is named as handle or body too,on many items the grip have soft coat too for good feel.People take the garden hose nozzle by hand on it.It isthe main part for garden hose nozzle.Important many customer make customized color on this main part.

The head of garden hose nozzle is main part too.Today many garden hose nozzle have varity water spray patterns.How can we use this patterns?Turn the head against of body,choose the suitable pattern for water need.it is easy.

The nut and pull rod is together.To turn the nut come forward or back can control the water flux.

The trigger is main part too.Press it,water can be sprayed out.Telex release it,water can be offed.Another the steel click can fix it,so you can not keep it press to save labour.

Now do you understand and can use garden hose nozzle better?