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What is a half coupling connector for hose pipe?

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What is a half coupling connector for hose pipe?
 A Coupling,named connector in different area is used to joint two piece of hose pipe together with a clamp or a ring together.Half coupling are only one threaded at one end,people can screw the hose to this end.At the onther end,people must welded or clamp the hose on the half-coupling,also this end have barb to fix the hose tightly and leak-free.

The half-coupling is generally to joint two piece hose together for longer.The thread end is screwed ont the water source,while the other end is clamp on the hose.With water hose pipe,one end of a half-coupling is screwed on the pipe,while the other end is made to be tightly inserted,or welded,on the other end.
Now the half coupling is made of plastic ,iron,brass and another metal for different grade.You can pay different price to buy suitable coupling as per you need.Half coupling in general have two male end,one is screw,the other is barb.