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Watering Can Usage

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Watering Can Usage
 Most of garden winner have watering can on hand,it is convenient for them water grass,lawn,seed and more.In general,watering can have two part,one is body,it is important and big.The other part is nozzle,it is additional,maybe some garden watering can do not have this nozzle.If we learn how to use watering can better,it can help us to add work efficiency.

The big part is body of watering can,it is tank to store,move the water.As per need,different volume capacity is option for customer.Some indoor watering can is small volume,some outdoor watering can is big volume.
The nozzle is important part,but not integrant.The nozzle can break the water into a gently,like rain fall.This function is very useful for small and delicate plants like small flower,seed and more.The nozzle can be moved,to allow people to deliver a large quantity water quickly.it can be used to water more stiff and stout plant.
Another you must take care your child to use it.After with water,the big water can is very heavy,maybe damage your child.