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The sky garden legend

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The sky garden legend
 For thousands of years, there is one of beautiful legend named the "sky garden".

The new king Knibb Kanisas (II Nebuchadnezzar, BC in 605 BC - 562 BC) married the princess Ann Mei Edith (Amyitis) for the queen. The princess is beautiful, won the king's favor.But the princess look so sad after a period of time. Nebuchadnezzar do not know why and ask. The princess said: "we can look many many mountains, bird,tree,flowers and more in my hometown. And here is the endless plains of Babylon, can not find even a small hill. How I wish I could see mountain same as that in our hometown and the winding mountain path again! " So the princess got homesick. Then Nebuchadnezzar II ask craftsmen to design one garden as per the view ofprincess hometown, built layer upon layer of ladder type garden, above planted with flowers and the quiet mountain path, beside the path is the gurgling water. Craftsmen still built a tower at the middle of garden,very beautiful and high, and the wonderful garden landscape finally won the princess's favor.

This garden is named as "sky garden" too.