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Remote control,Drink water to 2600 acres of apples

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Remote control,Drink water to 2600 acres of apples
 In the control room, as long as the button is pressed lightly, spread rows of pipes and micro jet irrigation water in 2600 acres of land where Apple will be automatically ejected mist or droplets, irrigation apples, save a lot of manpower, material and water . Recently, two Zhaotong City, the largest intelligence Zhaoyang District efficient water-saving irrigation demonstration project Remote completed and put into use.
It is bigger,stronger and better apple industry, Zhaotong municipal government in Zhaoyang District Su courtyard that village and town winding sprinkle fishing town bridge village were built plateau characteristic agriculture demonstration garden Apple, Apple demonstration garden built efficient water-saving irrigation demonstration project, which is an area of 7336 acres of irrigated area, with a total investment of 14.29 million yuan.
"Staff just tap the button in the control room, as you would dial phones signal transmission, the need for irrigation and timely piece of apple seedlings can" drink "on tap." According to Zhaoyang District Water Authority chief engineer Tang Zhenggui introduction, if before the old method of irrigation to one day 100 workers finished 2600 acres of irrigated, need a month or so. Now only a few people in just 8 days you can put all the 2600 acres of irrigated complete. From saving benefits in terms of a year, saving about 180,000 cubic meters of water, equivalent to saving a small reservoir storage capacity, it can also make 500 kg per mu yield apples.