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Micro Irrigation

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Micro Irrigation
 Micro irrigation is more and more popular in the worldwide,more and more people begin to study this new water technical.

Micro irrigation techenical is a localized water irrgaiton system,it deliver water via a small hose pipe to the near plant,then spray water via soak hose,micro sprinkler,micro sprayer or micro equipment.Special drip irrigation is the most efficient type of micro irrigation.
Micro irrigation usually use micro hose pipe,micro connector,micro valve,micro sprinkler or micro spray nozzle for one whole set.It can be used to water small area in your garden,or many plants in your balcony,also can water big area in your farm via connector.

Fertilizer and nutrients can be deliver too in the water
Water use is more efficient.
Weed growth is minimized because water is not sprayed in non-growth areas.
Water loss to wind, evaporation and run-off is minimized or eliminated.
Watering frequency is reduced because of more targeted watering

Ornamental Flowers
Vegetable Gardens
Small to Large Shrubs
Potted Plants
Ground Cover
Ornamental Grasses
Small Trees