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Lawn Irrigation System Design.

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Lawn Irrigation System Design.
 Many people ask us how to design one lawn irrigation system to irrigate lawn well.We say the best lawn irrigation system is designed as per lawn,grass and another plant,it is not only satisfy plant water need,also make it grow up well.

The lawn irrigation system can not effect the lawn maintenance.The lawn must be repaired,cutted, fertilized and more with machine.So we suggest the irrigation sprinkler is undergrade sprinkler,and it is away from the wah machine will take.
The irrigation equipment and hose pipe is designed as per lawn plant.Because of view,the whole lawn is broken up to many different shape,as golf.Even if in the one program,some shape have different plant.
Irrigation management should be combined with lawn disease control. Many lawn diseases, especially fungal foliar diseases humidity close ties with lawn and soil. In irrigation management, the development of rational irrigation systems, including irrigation cycle, irrigation time, irrigation duration, etc., for controlling lawn diseases is very important.
Lawn sprinkler system must meet the water demand at the same time, the need to give full attention to the landscape and environmental effects. Well-designed sprinkler system, through proper selection and laid out the spray nozzle point, not only to meet the lawn needs water, but also in the form of irrigation water moving landscape effect.