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Japanese-style garden

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Japanese-style garden
 Today japanese style garden is more and more popular,become one of the three most-loved garden system in china, because of comfort, quiet and cautious.Staying in this system garden,you will feel peace of mind and soul of sublimation.

If you want to design your garden as Japanese style garden, then you can highlight the design from the following three important parts:
1. To grow some moss at the entry and in the garden, it can make people feel that welcome to come to this paradise. It looks like a place backyard, to help recover power after tired work.
2. Add some stone lanterns, which can make your garden look not only mysterious and very charming. Then put some baskets around the stone lanterns, which can increase the attractiveness of the plant. Stone lantern can make a garden full of exotic atmosphere, bringing a warmth.
3. To improve your landscape design, we need "another garden" moved. That is, if the garden has put cacti and bonsai, you can add another Gaza King and other related plants, such as memories and garden can be a place of meditation.