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How maintain the water spray gun after use

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How maintain the water spray gun after use
If we do not maintain the water spray gun after use,the water spray gun will be damaged by water because most of water is acid,it will be not good for spray gun to use in next time.So we should learn some knowledge to how maintain the water after use.

First is to clear the water the pipe after use. if stored with water in the presence of water washing water gun, water gun is likely to shorten life. So after using the gun, everyone who should be possible within the discharge pipe clean water before it could well accommodated by winding ways.
Second, the dried water: In order to avoid the store when the blessing is not easy distribution, resulting in the structure of the relevant part of the washing water gun Rusty asking everyone finished using water cannons, dry all the moisture. After the moisture to dry, it is possible to store a special place.
Third, stored in a dry and ventilated environment: we had better moisture to dry car wash water gun, stored in dry and ventilated indoor environment, it will not apply the complex environment, and adversely affect the water gun.
After using the car wash water gun, as described above so that everyone would need to handle and store, must be able to ensure that the use of the gun next time, it can still be used normally.
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