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Garden Tree Selection

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Garden Tree Selection
Landscape construction is developing with people's aesthetic sense, scientific and technological level,it show the desire for current or future life in people's mind at that time.Now garden not only locate on the mountains or by the rivers, also build landscape on the street, transportation hub, residential areas, industrial areas and large building roof, the materials is also from the traditional building materials and plant to water, lighting, sound and another comprehensive technical method extensional.

Common garden plants is suggested by us below:
(1) To select the local tree species which can grow strong and easy to manage. This should be specific to the different regions of the climate and soil conditions to select the suitable for the local growth of native species.
(2) To select the tree which is with canopy, the dense foliage, and the deciduous broad-leaved. In the summer, the residential area has a large area of shade, In the winter, not shade, and can absorb dust and reduce noise, so that the air is fresh. For example, Feng Yang, poplar Fatong, maple.
(3) To select the seasonal variation of evergreen trees and shrubs in blossom. Such as holly, pine, yew Podocarpus, rose, azalea, peony, Ligustrum lucidum, Berberis, boxwood, Sabina vulgaris, shop cypress, forsythia, winter jasmine, rose.
(4) To select shade plants and climbing plants. In the dark, to select some plants which can grow well in the shade, such as Malus halliana, plum, Luo Hansong etc.; ivy climbing plants, etc..