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Garden Oscillate Sprinkler

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Garden Oscillate Sprinkler
Many People ask me why choose oscillate sprinkler to water lawn?For me,the reason is so simple.Because oscillate sprinkler can spray water itself like rian fall,and very cute for children or pet.

Oscillate sprinkler is the perfect water equipment to spray water evenly to grass,lawn or flower bed.Specially for some small grass or small flower,the soft and rain full water from oscillate sprinkler is good for that,not damage them,and give them the water they need.If impact sprinkler,the water is very strong,maybe it will damage them.
Most of sprinkler only can spray one direction,so only direction one area.Oscillate sprinkler can shake from left to right,then return back itself.So oscillate sprinkler can spray all of area itself,you only take good site for it,do not move it again or adjust way.
The water sprayed by oscillate sprinkler look like harp,and move continuous.it attract pet to play with it.they do their best to take it.Can you image it?It is very cute.
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