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European Horticulture Features

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European Horticulture Features
(1) Construction commander garden. In the classical gardens of Europe, in the garden axis position always stands a large building (castle, palace), the overall layout of the garden of the building must comply with the principles of composition, and thus the building as a benchmark to establish the main axis of the garden. Spindle and then divided by the corresponding sub-axis is set to the wide avenues, flower beds, pools, fountains, sculpture and so on.
(2) the overall layout of the garden presents a rigorous geometry. Road processed into a straight channel, processed into a small square in the form of road crossing, punctate distribution has a geometric shape, fountains and the like; trees are manicured garden tapered, spherical, cylindrical, etc., lawns, flowerbeds must strict geometric patterns planting, pruning.
(3) a large area of lawn treatment. Garden planting a large area of lawn have outdoor carpet in the world.
(4) the pursuit of the overall layout of symmetry. The layout of the building, pool, lawn, flower beds, etc. are all particular about integrity and geometric ratio between the number of combinations to achieve harmony.
(5) The pursuit of form and realism. Aesthetic consciousness and aesthetic consciousness of the Chinese people have a completely different from Europeans, they think the true meaning and value of art lies in the true nature manifested, Beauty in things "entirely based on the proportional relationship between the sacred ministries."