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Chinese Garden Charactor

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Chinese Garden Charactor
 When you walk in the chinese garden,you would find you walk in one of beautiful paint.Chinese garden art form is unique,it affect our traditional chinese painting,also affect the chinese film art form in future,and some western film too.

chinese garden have many charactor,it make chinese garden art form have important effect in the garden industrial:
(1) Desigh is from nature,and higher than nature. Garden design is basic of natural mountains, water, and the landscape.Not only a simple copy, also process with mentality and purposeful,to re-built a high degree summarization, refining, the typical nature.
(2),Desire design and nature combination perfect.do the utmost to achieve a high degree of harmony between man and nature,it name" the ideal state of "harmony between man and nature" in chinese philosophy
(3) Elegant cultural atmosphere. Chinese gardening not only include virtue of the landscape, plants, architecture scenery convey the artistic conception of information, will also include art form unique to China, such as inscribed boards, couplets, inscriptions and more, deepen the garden artistic conception. This is unique character to the Chinese garden, not other garden system can match.