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Stop cat pooring in garden or lawn.

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Stop cat pooring in garden or lawn.
To have beautiful garden is prond,we would like to invite friends to drink in the garden on the summer night.For this beautiful view,we must stop cat pooring in our garden.Most of garden winner use moth ball to drive cat away from his garden,this behavior is not only toxic,also it is actually illegal.Today we have no control over stray cats or even neighborhood cats that are allowed to wander where they may.

Here we'd like to introduce one way to keep cat away from your garden,it is safe and legal---Use Natural Material.Sprinkle citrus peels,cinnamon and fresh coffee gronds in the garden,Citrus essential oils like orange or lemon is also very great.Cat do not like this thing,so they will be away from this thing,and not entry your garden again.This method is effective ,but you must check and change it every days,especially if rain,the decaying additives can also add some nutrients to your soil.

Pungent protection.Put some garlic cloves under the tree,flower or another point in the garden where you do not want car appear.Most of cat do not like the scent of garlic,and not use the area as garbage can again.you have another method to keep the cats out,you can spray vinegar on the flower bed or garden area.But all of that method would need to be repeated if it should rain or at least once a week to keep it fresh.Also you can put some fresh pine cone in the garden to help as deterrent.