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Plant Irrigation In Garden When We Are Away.

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Plant Irrigation In Garden When We Are Away.
Maybe many people have this feel when we are touristor outside.but we always worry the plant,flowers,seed and other plants at home,especial woman.Be honest,To irrigate the exact water to plant is the key when we out,especial in the hot and dry seanson like summer.What can we do to take care our plant when we are away?And let us relax complete?Not everyone have good neighbor who would like to take care our plant when we are away for you.Now we'd like to introduce one mothed to keep your plant well-watered when we are away.
Take the hanging and container plant to the north foot of one wall,it is shape area.Group all of plant together,it can help them to prevent water lose.If better,cover small potted plantes with a plastic bag,so that condensation can occur,and water all of your container plants thoroughly before you return
Water in-ground plante thoroughly,then take some leaves or weeds to surround them,it can help the soil stay moist
If possible,you can make one automatic water irrigation system with water programmer,it can irrigate your water enough on time.The water programmer can control the water shut on/off itself,and control when begin to water,when should be cut the water off.At the other end,you only insert the dropper into the ground where plant there.