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Multi Pattern Water Spray Gun

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Multi Pattern Water Spray Gun
Yesterday i go to Walmart supermarket to shop with my family.I there select shrimps near the glass case of river fish with my 11-month old daughter.Suddenly one water injection spray to me without my notice,my face,my clothes and my hair is wet because of water,it is so cold,so afflictive,so furious and so awkward.

After calm,i go to check the water nozzle as per my found profession knowledge which spray the water to me when wash the glass case of river fisher.It is 2-way hose nozzle from fine mist to spray cone,the spray cone function is high power,it is usually to wash car in personal garden.

As walmart supermarket,why they use this 2-way hose nozzle?Why not choose multifunction water spray nozzle?If not spray to me,spray to my 11-month old daugher,what will happen?

I suggest strongly supermarket as walmart to use multifunction water spray nozzle in pulice as BB-201031 6-way water spray nozzle.When open and consumer ship,worker can use show function to wash.this function is so gently,not worry to spray water to consumer.If better,use multifunction water wand.