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Garden water sprinkler system is designed for landscape

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Garden water sprinkler system is designed for landscape

Garden water sprinkler system is designed for landscape
One automatic garden water sprinkler system is one major invest including money and energy.But after finished,it can make irrigation easier and quick,every plant can get the water its growth requires,not lost anyone plant again.The first step in this process is to design one plan about layout of sprinkler and garden water hose.

1, Go to measure your landscape.In this drawing,you must sign what size of your landscape,what form of your landscape,what plant in your garden,different plant water water demand, different climates on the sunny side or shady side for all plant.Especially some slope in the grade over 10 percent,you need consider the runoff when choose water sprinkler.

2, Diagram the different plant on the draw.Because different plant need different water inquires between trees,flowers,grass,shrubbery,vegetables.

3, Mark the site of the water sources on the plan.In this step,you must consider the what water flux water source can provide,how length of hose in future you will used,what water pressure the water source provide.If possible,you can use pump to help you to increase water flux and water pressure.

4, Draw the plan to circuits.with each circuit representing a group of sprinkler controlled by a single valve in the manifold.When draw the circuits,consider different plant need different water flow,the exposure to sun and the size of area.In general,grass need more water to keep green than another.Shrubbery is water less frequently than flowers and vegetables.Then plant on the sunny side will dry out much faster than plant in the shade.If this step,you can consider to use different diameter hose,different connector with valve and different water distributor with valve to control the water flow and water on/off.

5, Begin to design sprinkler for different site and different plant.In this step,you need consider what pattern the sprinkler will spray,what flux the sprinkler spray,what range the sprinkler spray.design different sprinkler for different plant.  

6, For control the water automatic,you can add one water timer between water hose and water source.Electrical water timer can control many times in one day,and one set for ever,and control the when begin irrigation and irrigation duration.Also this price is high.If cheap,can select mechanical water timer,but it only control the irrigation duration.
This garden water sprinkler system manual can be used for garden irrigation,agriculture irrigation, golf course and more.Our sprinkler can be used for garden irrigation and agriculture irrigation too.