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Garden Water Irrigation Suggestion

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Garden Water Irrigation Suggestion
 In the garden work,many people would like to design a high level garden,plant high quality and expensive plant.After that,they think the work is finished,not take care the plant again in future.It is mistake.Taking care is imporanter than planting.

If you want to take care plant very well,you must understand what plant it is,what character this plant is,How go to take care this plant.The key is fertilizer,water,repair,sunshine,sickness,insect insect pest this 6 items,you must pay more attention on that.
The basic in grass taking care is that:uniform,clear and green for whole year.There is 4 stage for grass after plant.The first stage is growing,it mean the grass is planted for one whole year or the grass grow to full of garden.The second stage is vigorous growth stage,this time is during 2~5 years after plant,the grass have the best energy to grow.The third stage is slowly grow stage,it is about during 6~10 years after planted,the fourth stage is degenerate stage,it is about during 10~15 years after planted.In general,if take care well,the degenerate can delay about 5~8 years in Taiwan.