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Garden Water Hose Set Provide Convenience To My Car

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Garden Water Hose Set Provide Convenience To My Car
In Recent Years,Car is more and more everyday.Now some city have began to limit to buy new car in china because of traffice problem,example as Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou and more.Car Provide convenience when walk out,call on people,trip and more.As Chinese man,to buy one car is our target for family.So car wash market increase as more as car.

Every driver know that we must clear our car periodical.Or we are shy to drive one dirty car out to meet friend.We have two choice,one is washing car in car wash centre,the other is washing car ourself.If in car wash centre,it is costly for long years.So more and more people would like to wash car himself.
So many campany study car wash equipment for this market,it can help people wash car at home easy.This equipment usual have some characters as water save,smart,convenience and safe.
Our company invent garden hose set as car wash equipment,it include tap connector,water hose connector,garden water hose,garden hose nozzle.If need,we can provide brush and rag too.People can joint the equipment to water tap at home,turn on water,then can begin to wash car.It is easy to use it.Car washing at home ourself is good work,we can do it with our child,wife and another friend,it can further their affection and it is a good exercise for our officer who sit in the site everyday.