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Garden Tools Maintain

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Garden Tools Maintain
 Garden Tools must be maintain usually for saving cost and saving time.Better maintain can make the garden tools work for long time,we do not pay time and money to buy one new.The main enemies of garden tools is moisture which can cuase rust,so prevent your garden tools from rust,and maintain them regula to keep them working for many years.

There is some suggestion below to maintain the garden toos:
1, Clear the garden tools after use everyday,you must remove any dirt from the garden tools' heads as shovels,hoes and cultivators.Wipe and clear the blades of pruners or another cutters.
2, Not put the garden tools on the ground special wet ground as stock,must hang them or put them on the table in one dry environment.
3,If garden tools have rusted,first to sand or rub it with a stiff wire brush.Second wipe the bare metal with a light coating of oil,the oil can insulate the metal from air,and prevent it from rust.
4, Before stock the garden tools,give them a thorough cleaning and rub the metal parts with oil.keep wooden handles and shafts smooth by sanding and oiling them with linseed oil.