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Garden Spray Nozzle Is Used In Car Wash

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Garden Spray Nozzle Is Used In Car Wash
 Garden Spray nozzle is knowed by more and more people,it is not only used for water and irrigation in the garden,agriculture,seed,also be used in the car wash,household,boat wash and more.Compare with conventional wash tool,garden spray nozzle have its' characteristic as friend environmental, efficiency and water saving and more.

But we must take care below items when car wash with garden spray nozzl
1, can not do car wash work soon when car stop.We suggest 10 minutes after car stop,then begin car wash work.
2, We do not suggest you car wash frequent.It is not the best choise for car.We suggest you can wash car four times in one month.
3, In the car wash work,can not use laundry soap powder instead of car wash soap.Or it will damage car very serious.