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Garden Hose Nozzle Choice

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Garden Hose Nozzle Choice
 Garden hose nozzle can improve efficiency,and save water.So we suggest people use one garden garden hose nozzle to irrigate garden,irrigate seed,car wash and more.How you can get one high quality garden hose nozzle?Please see below suggestion:

First to check the garden hose nozzle quality and consider the cost too.We suggest to consider plastic garden hose nozzle,because now plastic garden hose nozzle is made of high quality ABS material,the quality is good,resistant impact,resistant UV and more.Important plastic garden hose nozzle is low cost.
Second to check the leak of garden hose nozzle.leak free is basic request for garden hose nozzle.If possible,you can check the garden hose nozzle with water.If no possible,check the bottom of hose nozzle,there is one washer,it can protect garden hose nozzle from leak.Turn the head of nozzle,if the sound is good,it mean the head quality is good,not leak.