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Garden Hose Connector is Fixed to garden hose pipe

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Garden Hose Connector is Fixed to garden hose pipe

Garden Hose Connector is Fixed to garden hose pipe
garden hose piep is very useful for one house owner in the garde,backyard or another,it can help you to water your lawn or fill up your swimming pool in the spring or summer season,Also it can help you to clear house,car wash and do another work.Over time,the garden hose connector on the hose will damaged or broken completely by man or UV.Instead of buying one new garden hose,you can buy some simple new garden hose connector to repair it,the new garden hose will work efficient and save some money.
Then how to repair the damaged garden hose by new garden hose?Please see below manual.
1,   you must drain the garden hose of all water in any menthod.Or the water will wet and stain your clothes.

2,   use one sharp knife to cut the garden hose with the damaged garden hose connector.or you do another method to move the damaged garden hose connector.

3,   Joint the garden hose connector to the garden hose.If the garden hose connector with screw,please use screwdriver to tight.If quick connector,ust turn the hose cap tightly to the body for bite the garden hose tightly.

4,   After repair,you must check the garden hose and garden hose connector again,it is tight enough or not.Because the water pressure is high,can push the hose connector from garden hose,then it maybe damage people.

5,   now we can use it as one new garden hose