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Garden Hose Connector Joint Garden Water Hose Manual

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Garden Hose Connector Joint Garden Water Hose Manual
In garden and house,lots of outdoor watering progects must be made with garden water hose. But many people get flustered because they do not know the best way to attach the hose to water tap,do not know how to spray the compatible water pattern..For that,we introduce some simple connectors that can joint garden hose to outdoor water tap easy,and can joint garden hose and garden hose nozzle together for spraying compatible water pattern.
1,Take the hose out from package and find the two end of water hose.In general,the garden hose is shrinking with color card,you must broke the shrink then take the hose out.Some high grade garden hose is packed in color box,we must broke it too.The hose is rolled for package as circle,we can find the two end at outer ring and inner ring.
2,   Identify the hose specification.Take the hose end,use tape to measure the hose inner diameter.In general,the hose have 3 type specification for personal use in garden as 1/2" inner diameter is about 11~12.5MM,5/8" inner diameter is about 14.5~16,3/4" inner diameter is about 18~19.5MM.
3,   As per hose specification,select matched specification garden quick hose connector.garden quick hose connector as same hose as 1/2",5/8" and 3/4" too.But garden quick hose connector have European standard and American Standard.European standard is snap-in quikc connector,American Standard is female and male connnector with secrw.
4,European stanard garden quick hose connector is simple.there is two part,one is cap and the other part is body.At the middle of body,there is one hole,insert the hole into pvc garden hose,then make the cap bite the body with screw to fix the hose.Then use one tap connector to joint garden hose with quick connector to outdoor water tap,and use one snap male thread to joint garden hose nozzle to water hose nozzle.
5,American standard is female and male garden hose quick connector.The garden quick hose connector have inner part and outer part,inner part is one hole too.Insert the hole into the hose,then use outer part to fix the connector and pvc hose,use screw to fix it.It is ok.The female connector usually joint garden water tap,the male thread connector joint garden hose nozzle.