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Garden Coil Hose Storage Method:

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Garden Coil Hose Storage Method:

Garden coil hose is the necessary product in watering work in your garden,it is tangle-free and kink-free.Because of that,many people usually neglect to take care it.When use in next time,the garden coil hose is tangle easy and kink easy same as another garden water hose.Now we'd like tell consumer how to prevent the hose for long life.

1, Choose and buy good quality garden coil hose is the important.Cheap plastic hoses will not recoil quickly and kink easy.Now more and more people prefer PU garden coil hose,it is the best coil hose now.EVA coil hose is second,PE coil hose is the cheapest coil hose.
2, After use,must drain all of water out of garden coil hose.If water left inside,the water will corrode the hose.It is important and used for all garden water hose.
3, Let garden coil hose recoil slowly and natural.it will recoil as original coil position.and keep them.it prevent hose from tangle and kink,also can keep the garden coil hose spring function.
4,   Then store drained and coil hose in the clear storage,and put them on ground,not hanged on the wall.

5,   If the coil hose is double blister package,we suggest you can keep hose in double blister when storage.It is the best storage method.