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Coil Garden Water Hose To Stock

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Coil Garden Water Hose To Stock
 If we take care of our tools well,that tools can serve us for long time.So we'd better to stock our tools well after use,do not leave tools out outdoor.Hose is too.Now we'd like to tell you how to coil the hose after use fot stock,it can save volume and can keep the hose.

1, Turn off the water supply to the hose if not use again.And take one end of hose,drain the water out from the hose.
2, Take one end of hose,bend a large loop.How much of this loop?It is as per the length of hose.
3, Then move down the hose a foot or two in the direction away from the spigot.
4, Turn the other loop in the hose and stack it on top of the first loop
5, Recoil the hose until the entire hose is coil well.Take it to the store to stock.