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Auto Irrigation Is Popular For Agriculture.

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Auto Irrigation Is Popular For Agriculture.
In USA,Canada,Mecico or another area,the area of farm is very big,farmer must use automatic irrigation sprinkler to improve the production efficiency.So many kinds of automatice irrigation hose and automatic irrigation spray sprinkler is used in the farm irrigation work,it is the character of modern agriculture too.In the south of California,the weather is high,it can grow many kinds of plants,and many kinds of auto irrigation knowledge is used for different plant.Example About three million hectares area of farm,29% is used spray irrigation with impact sprinkler,more 40% is used installed irrigation equipment,another is used moved irrigation equipment.

Because the full circle moved irrigation equipment have higher efficiency than another irrigation equipment.Most of expert have this opinion that the moved full circle irrigation equipment have bigger market in future..It is easy for full circle moved irrigation equipment to be controlled automatic,not operate spot.And it can operate as per software,and be turned off when rain,and automastic application of fertilizer and application of pesticide.For a modern and big farm,people only operate the computer to adjust the water time,water flow for different ground,different season,different weather and different plant.