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the commonly used garden tools

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the commonly used garden tools
 The tools for Landscaping management of the commonly include landscaping management garden tools, garden machinery and fertilizer, pesticides, transport machinery. The garden tools refers to non-mechanical garden tools, there are many common garden tools, including cutting tools, sprinkler tools, mining tools and other auxiliary tools.
1,the cutting tool mainly includes branch shear, ordinary leaflets shear, grass shear, vigorously shear, high branch shear, high branches saw, cut saws, knives, ax and so on.
2, the spray garden tools, includes water pipes, hand pressure spray pot, hand spray spray pot, hand spray sprayer, movable point fixed water, garden spray water nozzle,garden hose,garden hose reel, garden water fitting,garden water wand,garden irrigation and drip irrigation equipment, garden water spray sprinklerr and so on.
3,the excavation tools include shovels, hoes, strong shovels, rakes and so on.
4, Other tools include push the fertilizer machine, picking weed with a small shovel or screwdriver, lawn sand with sand rake, buckets, flower arrangement, water scoop, small car, bucket cars and so on.