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Water Save ---Garden Water Sprinkler

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Water Save ---Garden Water Sprinkler
 Water is the origin of all life. Whether it is daily drinking or garden irrigation, water resources are indispensable. Everyone should pay attention to water conservation and save water in the details.
In recent years, Haiyang City has strengthened the construction of ecological civilization and the forest coverage rate has further increased. The increase of forest trees plays an important role in conserving water sources, maintaining water and soil, preventing wind and sand, and regulating climate. However, irrigation water is also a small consumption. For the irrigation of forest vegetation and landscaping, we can do this:
1. Plant watering time should be selected when there is little evaporation in the morning and evening. Greening plants should choose drought-tolerant plants.
2. The sprinkler system should not spray beyond the garden. The edge of the garden is sprayed with a partial circular sprinkler.
3, with the weather watering, turn off the automatic sprinkler on rainy days and not water when strong winds.
4. Apply appropriate amount of water to the flowers and plants. The use of micro-irrigation is the most effective way. The method is to apply water to individual plants by dropping the drip tank, or to apply water to the whole flower pot with a low-flow sprayer.
5, pruning turf should leave a grass strain of 10 to 15 mm height to reduce surface water evaporation and watering.
6, the garden soil improvement, adding moist medium or water-retaining polymers, such as vermiculite, snake wood chips, rice, wood chips, peat soil, etc. to improve soil permeability and water storage capacity.
7. The garden is covered with grass residues, bark, sawdust, gravel, etc. to reduce soil water evaporation and soil erosion.