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To build a landscape garden - style campus in wuhan

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To build a landscape garden - style campus in wuhan
 "This university is so beautiful, very magnificent, feeling very stylish!"Recently, the network drama "Need for slag" in Wuchang Institute of Technology officially boot, the film 70 percent of the framing will be completed in the school campus. Luo Jiaying and other well-known stars in Hong Kong to play to help out, and praised the shooting "too beautiful."

Because of beautiful, the school has become a lot of film and television drama in recent years shooting location. "Need for slag" production director Jin Yihong introduction, choose to shoot in Wuchang Institute of Technology, is a fancy to the beautiful campus environment and a strong cultural atmosphere.
Wuchang Institute of Technology is located in Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, which is close to Meinan Mountain, three adjacent to Thomson Lake, is a mountainside water, beautiful environment, European and modern architectural style of the combination of "garden" school, Peking University, Wuhan University, etc., known as the top ten Chinese universities one of the most beautiful lakeside campus. The school spent millions of dollars each year to build a landscape garden-style campus.
"Do a good job of greening the campus, both to create a beautiful environment for teachers and students, with a good cultural atmosphere to cultivate students, but also to improve the construction of a major campus civilization, is an important measure to build a harmonious campus." Wuchang Institute of Technology Party committee secretary Tu Fangjian introduction, the school campus green coverage area of ​​658000 square meters, green coverage rate of 70% or more, annual trees, shrubs, bonsai, flowers and other numbers are still increasing, has gradually formed a " Six garden "ecological garden - style campus landscape design pattern.
In recent years, the school has a large pool of flowers and trees, the transformation of the landscape flower beds and seedlings of more than 23,000 strains of the new planted large area of ​​70,000 square meters of grass, the annual supply of vegetation flowers accumulated more than 32,000 pots. 2013 investment of more than 60 million yuan to build the cherry garden, covers an area of ​​4,000 square meters, more than 670 cherry in full bloom, many students and visitors to watch, has become a new resort in Wuhan cherry resort. There are Guihua Garden, Ziwei Park, Hongfeng Park, Plum Garden, Chuk Yuen, Park are beautiful.