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Quanzhou: flowers affected by low temperature flowering delay

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Quanzhou: flowers affected by low temperature flowering delay
 Elegant orchid, warm-charming tulips, the meaning of Italy's orange tree, colorful azaleas, shaped like a banana leaf bird of paradise ... Near the Spring Festival, the flower market is gradually popular. Decorate the home of flowers, Quanzhou has become an indispensable New Year one of the people.
Yesterday, the reporter visited flower market in Quanzhou Flower Expo Garden, saw a variety of flowers and plants show, contests, despite some gloomy weather, the flower market is a spring.
Mr. Chen selected public orchid tree and fortune tree. He said that every year hel buyes potted plants, green plants decorate their homes, worried about the good varieties have been singled out, this year he deliberately shot. Ms. Huang last month just moved to a new home, in addition to Phalaenopsis, she also selected tiger Piran, green radish, Chlorophytum and other clean air of green plants.
The people come to buy in an endless stream, businesses are too busy to turn around. Many flower merchants said that although each person has different preferences for flowers, because of the Chinese New Year, Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium and other orchid varieties, orange trees, wealth trees, money trees and other auspicious species, are more popular. During the visit, the reporter also found some new varieties, such as knot with large fruit Citrus, into a pot of apple trees.
Most flower prices, or less the same as last year. Affected by the low temperature, many flowering has been delayed. Among them, the moth orchid affected by the low temperature, relatively less supply this year, flowering less. Lin Peng-Hui Flower Center Garden, introduced in the past each flower can open five or six, this year only three or four, and some even only two. Price, Fortress Chase flowers, Mr. Yang said that the price of Phalaenopsis rose slightly from last year, each rose about 4 to 5 yuan.