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Present Situation and Development Trend of Landscaping Machinery and Equipment

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Present Situation and Development Trend of Landscaping Machinery and Equipment
 The connotation of landscaping is very rich, it is not only an important part of urban infrastructure construction and environmental construction, but also the spiritual civilization construction and the main content of material civilization construction. It should not only reflect the ecological function, but also reflect the economic, cultural, entertainment, leisure and other functions. Therefore, the landscaping operation has a wide range of industries, many different, large and seasonal and strong time, regional special characteristics such as a series of distinct.

1,landscape machinery at home and abroad
Landscaping machinery and equipment for the development of nearly a hundred years of history. In the early twentieth century, Western developed countries have begun to use heavy machinery in the heavy use of landscaping, when the main use of lifting and transport machinery and agricultural machinery, such as the use of cars and cranes transport and handling materials, tractors and plows for planting before Land consolidation and so on.
The development of domestic landscaping machinery and equipment began in the late 1970s, the 20th century, 90 years into the rapid development period, the main sign is that in addition to garden machinery factory, forestry machinery plant production machinery and equipment outside the garden, a group of strength Strong general machinery factory, machine tool plant also began to produce different varieties of landscaping machinery, some small landscaping machinery has begun to export abroad. Advanced landscaping machinery and equipment imports increased significantly. Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan and other countries, some large companies have entered the domestic market of landscaping machinery, distribution of domestic and foreign landscaping machinery and equipment companies in large numbers, the scale is also growing, and has initially formed a national distribution network. But the overall point of view: domestic landscaping machinery and equipment varieties are still relatively single, performance, quality and manufacturing level are still relatively backward, compared with foreign countries have a wide gap between the domestic garden greening mechanization of the proportion is still small, And the degree of mechanization of developed countries phase; compared, the gap is very obvious. Overall, China is still in the initial stage of the development of landscaping machinery and equipment.
2 domestic and international garden machinery development trend
Into the 2l century, the development of domestic and foreign landscaping machinery and equipment will be further accelerated, the country will soon realize the full mechanization of landscaping operations, the level of mechanization of foreign developed countries will be further to a higher level. The next period of time, domestic and foreign landscaping machinery and equipment development will show the following aspects of the trend.
First, continue to vigorously develop landscaping machinery and equipment, new products, to the operation of automation, comfort direction. Western developed countries in the nineteen eighties, when the lawn mowers into the family garden, is to push the implementation of pedestrian-driven products, to the 20th century, 90's, walking self-propelled lawn trimmer has gradually replaced the walk-driven push type Lawn mowers, although no-wheel-drive walking lawn mowers are very cheap, but few people in Europe and the United States. Into the 21st century, small-scale ride-riding lawn trimmers and began to gradually replace the walking self-propelled lawn trimmers. Especially to achieve a zero turning radius, motor performance is very good, can be a multi-purpose all-hydraulic lawn tractor come out to get the majority of users in general, is expected in the near future, there will be a higher degree of automation, more comfortable operation Of the lawn machinery appears. Domestic production of lawn mower is still walking to push the implementation of the main type, is the level of developed countries in the 20th century, 80 years of the 20th century, has been out of foreign products. We should study and track the history of Western countries, the development of landscaping machinery, learn from their experience and lessons learned in order to narrow the gap with the Western countries in the product level.
The second is to actively develop a landscaping machine and multi-purpose machines and joint operations. The concept of a multi-purpose machine and the joint operation of the two different purposes for different objects are also applicable. A machine is a machine can be equipped with a variety of work devices or accessories, replacement of different devices will be able to complete different operations to improve the utilization of the machine. Joint-operation machine refers to a machine can simultaneously install a variety of work devices, while the completion of a number of needs in order of continuous operation, in order to improve machine efficiency and labor productivity. A machine is mainly for the family or enterprises and institutions, as well as small gardens in general, because of their relatively small scale, the total hope that with as little as possible to complete all the mechanical species.
3,, vigorously improve the environmental performance of landscaping machinery and equipment. The 21st century is more concerned about the century of environmental protection, and now people's environmental awareness has been greatly improved. Environmental protection laws and regulations of various countries have been improved day by day, and the environmental protection requirements for landscaping machinery and equipment, which mainly operate in urban areas, are becoming more and more strict. For example, many US states have their own legislation, provides that all machines must meet certain emission standards and noise in order to enter the region. Therefore, many large-scale landscaping machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises have been or are taking measures to develop and produce low-pollution, and even pollution-free "green" landscaping machinery products. In the past, small-scale landscaping machinery used in the two-stroke gasoline engine, although its structure is simple, the specific weight is small, but because of high noise, heavy pollution emissions, in addition to hand-held small machinery, in small landscaping machinery, Of the lawn mowers have been gradually replaced by four-stroke gasoline engine, a new generation of low noise, low pollution, small gasoline engine has begun to put on the market. Even hand-held garden machinery, such as hand-held hedge trimmers, etc., its two-stroke gasoline engine has been replaced by small motor trends. The environmental performance of mechanical products will become an important indicator of its quality evaluation.
4, to further improve the safety of landscaping machinery and equipment. There are three aspects of security: on the one hand is the safety of the machine itself, to prevent mechanical failure or damage to the accident; two is the safety of the operator to prevent the operator in the operation by the injury; On the safety of the surrounding population to prevent the machine in the work injury to others. These three aspects are very important, especially for human injury problems than mechanical and other damage problems is more important. These safety devices will also be in the future of landscaping machinery and equipment on a variety of products on the application of a more diversified, more complete and more effective.