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Garden market expand in Global because of horticultural culture

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Garden market expand in Global because of horticultural culture
 With the human advocacy and the natural environment in harmony, horticultural culture in the global countries gradually rise. Especially in developed countries, the development of home gardening good momentum. The popularity of horticultural culture, and further expand the market space for gardening supplies, the future development prospects.
Gardening supplies
The so-called horticultural supplies, that is, in the daily gardening production, maintenance of the use of goods. According to the use of use, can be divided into tools, irrigation, machinery, decoration, materials and other gardening supplies.
Among them, the most common tool gardening products, the main role is to improve the efficiency of horticulture; decorative gardening supplies mainly through the construction of gardening landscape, play the role of landscaping garden; materials category gardening supplies are mainly seeds, fertilizers and so on.
The development of the gardening industry, along with the growth of the horticulture industry. Can be traced back to the first half of the 19th century, when the horticulture industry belongs to agriculture, gardening supplies are mainly the most simple agricultural tools.
The second half of the 19th century, the horticulture industry to become an independent industry, professional gardening products began to appear, and more and more diversified. Since then the industrial revolution, more continuous improvement of the horticultural supplies production technology, horticultural supplies industry to the rapid development of lawn mowers, sprinklers, plant fixtures and so on.
After the 20th century, 80 years, the rapid rise of family gardening, gardening industry once again usher in the development of innovation. At that time, gardening supplies design concept is more advanced, such as saving time and effort, ergonomic, more light and comfortable, gardening supplies to mature.
At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, fossil energy overuse, environmental pollution continues to intensify, energy conservation and environmental protection concept swept across all walks of life, horticultural field is also affected. In the energy-saving environmental protection under the call, composters, rainters, solar lawn lamps and other large-scale use, gardening supplies towards safety and energy conservation, green direction.
From the above stage of development we can see that the horticultural industry has maintained steady growth. According to the prospective industry research institute released the "China horticultural industry market research and investment forecast analysis report" data show that in 2015, the global market share of gardening supplies 60.65 billion US dollars.
China's horticultural supplies began in the late 1970s, to the 90's usher in the rapid development. Overall, due to the domestic gardening industry started late, is still in the initial stage, the performance of the manufacturer, a low degree of specialization, sales channels are not yet perfect, self-brand construction lag.
However, in the increasingly foggy, residents' income increased significantly, people pay more attention to the development of landscaping and horticulture, which will further stimulate the release of gardening supplies market demand. From this point of view, China's horticultural industry, the future development of a huge space, the prospects are very broad.