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Garden Water Sprinkler Saving Water When Irrigation

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Garden Water Sprinkler Saving Water When Irrigation
Q:How Save water when irrigation?

A:Water-saving is energy-saving! In general, it is A andB two points.

A. Water saving is energy saving. Sprinkler irrigation with water are pressurized water, are generally obtained through the pump pressurized, so saving water is to save energy.
B. Pump pressurized water supply, the pump running in the normal operation within the efficient area.
Of course, a reasonable pipe network system, high-performance sprinklers are also essential.

1, the nozzle: the choice of high uniformity, low irrigation intensity, small flow nozzle. Currently used in the garden of the 5-meter radius of the small nozzle, the flow rate of up to several times: MP (flow matching) nozzle 0.3 tons / hour, the other 1.1 tons / hour.
2, pipes and valves: select the appropriate caliber (by hydraulic calculation), which is very important! .
3, the flow of each round of irrigation district tends to be consistent (that is, the difference between the traffic partition is not), and the water loss difference is not too much (that is, the pressure can not be partitioned, preferably in the same pressure zone). .
4, select the flow and head to match the pump, complete accessories to ensure that the pump running in the efficient area! . If necessary, increase the frequency conversion system.

According to crop needs, reasonable irrigation, not waste.