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Basic knowledge of landscaping maintenance

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Basic knowledge of landscaping maintenance
 Basic knowledge of landscaping maintenance:
1, water
After planting new seedlings, the root water should be poured immediately. The trees and shrubs should be filled with water from multiple orientations to insert the water around the planting hole until water emerges. Spray the leaves and moisturize each time after the roots are rinsed.
2, clear garbage stones
Every day should be thoroughly inspected, and all garbage, stones, fallen leaves, etc. in the area of ​​responsibility should be thoroughly cleaned, collected and placed in the hidden part of the wall at the entrance of the garden. Pay attention to the neatness.
3, weeding
The removal of wild weeds should be carried out without interruption. In addition to small, early, labor-saving and labor-saving, the effect is good. The weeds that are removed must be put together before going to work every day, and they are not allowed to be littered at random. In addition to weeds, be sure to remove the roots. Some weeds with deep roots can be removed with tools such as small steamed buns.
4, fertilization
Apply fertilizer: Mix urea and compound fertilizer in a ratio of 1:5 and spread evenly on the roots of seedlings. After the sprinkling, use the broom to remove the fertilizer left on the leaves of the seedlings to prevent the fertilizer from burning the leaves. After the fertilization, the water is sprayed in time, and the fertilizer is basically dissolved.
5, pruning
According to the growth habits of seedlings, the habit of flowering habits, the requirements of pruning, etc., timely pruning and maintaining the shape of the plants. The cut leaves should be collected and placed in time, and they are not allowed to stay on the seedlings. Also pay attention to the plant is about to bloom or flowering as little as possible, so as not to affect the green landscape. For plants with fast growth such as Ledu, red safflower, etc., the number of pruning should be increased.
6, cultivating loose soil
According to the soil compaction, seedlings (including trees and shrubs) are regularly cultivated with small steamed buns or scorpions to ensure nutrient and water absorption. The depth of cultivating is about 5CM, which is subject to no damage to the roots of the seedlings.
7, pruning dead leaves
The patrols of the responsible areas are 2-3 times a week, and the dead leaves of various seedlings are cleared in time. The litter on the taller trees can be cut off with tall branches.
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